• Queen Esther, 2003, Oil on Canvas, 43 x 63 in

    Queen Esther

    Using her feminine grace, Queen Esther convinced the decadent King Ahasuerus to avert a plot to murder all Jews in ancient Persia. Noticing many similarities between parties described in the Biblical story of Esther and nightclub raves, I painted Queen Esther as “Queen of Nightlife.”. The world of Ahasuerus and the world of nightlife both […]

  • Rebecca, 2000, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 40 in


    Orit’s first Biblical painting portrays the Biblical heroine Rebecca as she draws water from the well to give to Abraham’s servant, who was sent to find a suitable wife for his son Isaac.

  • Pinchas, 2002, Oil on Canvas, 53 x 65 in


    And when Pinchas, the son of Elazar, the son of Aaron the priest, saw it, he rose up from among the congregation and took a spear in his hand, and he went after the man of Israel to the tent, and thrust both of them through, the man of Israel and the woman through her […]

Orit Mug


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The Settler Blog

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The Settler Got a Facelift!

I’m so excited to share with you the new cover of my novel, The Settler! I believe it evokes the energetic setting of the world of Tel Aviv nightlife around which the Settler revolves. Get yours today!  

Interview with Josh Hasten on Voice of Israel

On Voice of Israel, Josh Hasten and I discuss a scary visit to the Temple Mount, my video of Gaza Girls’ “Rocket Launcher”, and the importance of not giving in to intimidation. Click here to listen.

YehudaGlic+Parentsby Orit Arfa

Interview with Yehudah Glick, the “Smiling Survivor”

Having miraculously survived a late-October assassination attempt, Temple Mount activist Yehudah Glick and his supporters are upbeat, and stronger than ever in his status as an ‘extremist’ – of faith