WATCH: “Sanctified” music video for Orit’s novel, Underskin

Israel-German relations have just heated up!

Continue Reading January 30, 2018

How Can Israeli Cities Compete with Berlin

Man cannot live on bread alone, but man cannot live on Zionist sentiment alone, either. An article that got a lot of people angry….

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Settler Opens Her Home to Peace

“Most of the Palestinians, they’re people who want to live well — that’s what’s important to them,” she said. “And part of the good and simple life is to live in harmony with the Jews. Many of them don’t have extreme political views. If you succeed in having Jews and Palestinians meet each other, and the Palestinian sees the Jew is not the enemy, he’ll break out of his stereotypical view, and vice versa.”

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Who is Felix Maximilian?

He is the gorgeous German man who stars as “Sebastian,” the male protagonist in my novel, Underskin. Watch!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Times of Israel Review of Underskin

“Underskin may come across to some as little more than an erotic romp in the hay, but its provocative discussion of a serious subject gives readers plenty of food for thought.”

Monday, November 13, 2017


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