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One of the advantages of living in Berlin, at least for the summer, is the fact that you walk a lot. Even though public transportation is excellent and you don’t need a car, walking on the wide sidewalks is so pleasant in the mild weather. With my iPhone’s “Health” app tracking my steps, I was able to compare how much walking I do in Berlin versus Tel Aviv and Los Angeles (where I drive). Here is a weekly average: (Based on a random sample – we’ll see how this changes now that I got a bike!)

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Israel-German Congress aims to ensure support for Jewish state

Shifting Israel-German discourse away from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Holocaust and toward the countries’ common values and interests emerged as a new strategy for Israel advocacy at a time when third-generation offspring of the World War II era are distancing themselves from Nazi crimes.

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Summer in Berlin, from West to East

For those seeking a summer weekend in temperatures that are unpredictably mild, or who want to delve into this creative, multicultural city for more than just Germany’s dark past and tortured history, here’s a mini-weekend guide taking you across the city, from west to east:

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The Jewish boy who drives German girls crazy

“We’ll push our way to the front,” my friend, a staunch Charlie Puth fan, told me right before the Charlie’s concert in Postbanhof Club in Berlin on May 14. “The Germans will probably stand around politely. We have the Israeli chutzpah.”

Monday, May 23, 2016

My Inspiring Encounter with L.A. Holocaust Survivor Joshua Kaufman

Just that day Yehoshua was denied the opportunity to testify at a Nazi war criminal trial against a former Nazi SS guard. The judge’s refusal, citing lack of necessity for the testimony, was an emotional and physical slap. Yehoshua had hurt his knee a few weeks earlier but decided he must travel to Germany to seek justice. He had prepared his words, how he had lugged dead bodies out of Auschwitz gas chambers, pulling them apart as they stuck together during their murder.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


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