The German-Israeli Romantic Exchange

During last year’s jubilee celebrations of the Jerusalem-Berlin diplomatic relationship, much fanfare was made about economic cooperation, cultural exchanges and academic collaborations, but one topic went little discussed: German- Israeli romantic relations.

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A German-Israeli love story

“I still walk in the streets of Israel and Tel Aviv or whatever sometimes, and I think to myself, isn’t it amazing that everyone around me is Jewish? It’s fascinating to me in a way. More than being a good Jew, I’m actually a good Zionist. I really believe in the Jewish state, and it’s amazing how it worked out after all that happened.”

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Israel-German Congress aims to ensure support for Jewish state

Shifting Israel-German discourse away from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Holocaust and toward the countries’ common values and interests emerged as a new strategy for Israel advocacy at a time when third-generation offspring of the World War II era are distancing themselves from Nazi crimes.

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A love letter to Germany, from the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors

And now, when a terror attack hits you, I feel more pain for you than for any other European country victimized by terror, even as I hear friends say Germany deserves it, that it got what’s coming, especially for indiscriminately opening its borders to scores of migrants from antisemitic Muslim countries. But I feel your pain, and I want to fight for you, almost as much as I want to fight for Israel.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

My love letter to Germany goes viral in Deutschland

Just recently, he translated my “Love Letter to Germany, from the Granddaughter of Holocaust Survivors”. The comments I have received from Germans are very heartwarming, indicating that the seeds of a true Israel-German friendship and partnership exist, and that the two nations could fight darkness together. On his pages, the letter has received over 1500 shares and likes.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


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