About Orit

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Orit is a journalist, multi-media producer, and author currently based in Berlin. Prior to living in Berlin, where she covers German-Jewish-Israel affairs, she covered Israeli politics, society, lifestyle and culture for a variety of publications.

Orit to Germans: Don’t fail yourselves. Not again.

On June 9, 2018, Orit was a featured speaker at the "FrauenMarsch" in Berlin which protests Chancellor Merkel's immigration policies. Her pro-Jewish speech was very well-received and brought many Germans to tears. Read it in English, here. Read it in German, here.

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Orit’s Talk on Israel in Berlin

On May 31, 2018, Orit gave a talk to over 30 high school and university students on the true nature of the Arab war against Israel. This was for an event series of the Friedrich Hayek Society, an organization dedicated to classically liberal values and human liberty.

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Interview with David Berger of Philosophia-Perennis

Israel ist das Opfer islamischen Terrors, sagt sie, ich bin Opfer des islamischen Terrors, warum soll man nicht darüber sprechen? Besonders, wenn es Menschen gibt, die nicht über das Problem reden wollen?

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