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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Orit is a journalist, multi-media producer, and author currently based in Berlin. Prior to living in Berlin, where she covers German-Jewish-Israel affairs, she covered Israeli politics, society, lifestyle and culture for a variety of publications.

Did Germany lose its balls because of a few turkeys?

Germany’s embarrassing performance and “Erdogate” reflect the split in Germany regarding how the government handles citizens of Turkish descent and a new Muslim population who may not be loyal to modern Germany’s values of democracy and individual rights.

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Broder Comes to Orit’s Defense

In his characteristic style, acclaimed columnist and satiric writer, Henryk Broder, comes to Orit's defense as she's marginally "smeared" as  a "Trump apologist" by the radical left-wing newspaper, TAZ. Below is the rough English translation of his article. Not like this, Orit! Not with us! Of course, the TAZ is for freedom of speech and opinion, for freedom of demonstration and for the right of women to take to the streets against misogyny and contempt for women. In principle. In detail, it depends on who makes use of the right of these freedoms. As long as they are citizens who [...]

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