In Marseille, Jews Fear Rising Tide of Terrorism

December 9, 2017

Jewish Journal, November 16, 2017 You can measure the safety of a Jewish community in Europe by the Jewish-star barometer: How safe do Jews feel walking around with a Star of David pendant? For the 80,000 Jews of Marseille, France — the third largest Jewish community in Europe after London and Paris — the Jewish-star index depends on your city coordinates. “Go further north, and I would take it off,” warned my host, Nathan Peres, an Israeli-German completing his doctorate at the Sorbonne on the Jews of Lebanon. He chose Marseille over Paris largely for the laid-back atmosphere, t

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Can an Israeli Kiss a German?

November 19, 2017

November 19, 2017, Jerusalem Post. The question Orit poses via an excerpt from her novel, Underskin, in The Jerusalem Post.    

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Times of Israel Review of Underskin

November 13, 2017

Ellis Schuman, author of The Burgas Affair, has recently penned a review of Underskin in The Times of Israel, writing: Underskin may come across to some as little more than an erotic romp in the hay, but its provocative discussion of a serious subject gives readers plenty of food for thought. Read More

Everything Politically Incorrect You Want to Say about Sexual Harassment but Can’t

November 6, 2017

  1. Harvey Weinstein was slimeball, but aren’t worse things happening in the world?
You’d think Iran just set off a nuclear bomb from the way the media has wailed about Harvey Weinstein. You’d think at this point Weinstein--not Trump--is Hitler. He was a bully and sexual predator (and if rape allegations are true, he should serve time), but he was dealing with adults in a scuzzy world of temptation. We know by now his behavior was Hollywood’s not-best-kept-secret, so why the belated shock? While controls should be set in place to avoid machinations

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Holocaust Memorial of the Heart

October 25, 2017

The following article is the fourth in a series of articles published in, a governmental German political magazine for young adults. The German translation could be read on Fluter’s. website.  For years, I’ve wanted to watch my grandmother’s Holocaust testimony recorded by the Shoah Foundation, an LA-based foundation that collects survivor testimonies so that their stories will forever be told. I never imagined I’d watch it in Berlin, at the Topography of Terror

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Willing to Face to Past

October 9, 2017

Jerusalem Report, October 2, 2017 AT THE weekly antique flea market in Berlin, Christoph Kreutzmueller, a Holocaust historian and curator for the new permanent exhibition of the Jewish Museum in Berlin, picked up a Nazi-era family album at random from a book stand, fascinated not by the black and white pictures that were there ‒ but by those that weren’t. “They’re all torn out,” he said, pointing to a page consisting only of tear marks whose residue reveals the side of a tank and soldiers posing on a Mercedes. The “war” page? T

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