For questions about Jews, just ‘rent’ one for answers

June 18, 2017

Jewish Journal Cover Story, June 16, 2017

The subject sat there, surrounded by 23 nursing students from the School of Health and Healthcare at the Alexianer St. Hedwig Hospital in the former Jewish quarter of eastern Berlin. They examined her as if she were an endangered species, ready to be dissected. Some had never encountered such an organism before. After all, in Germany, her type had been endangered for some time.

The center of curiosity was Juna Grossman, a 40-year-old Jewis

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Die machen ja dicht: Schabbat in Berlin

June 10, 2017

This is the second in a series of articles on life in Berlin for Fluter, a political magazine for young adults sponsored by the German government. Here, Orit discusses what it's like to observe the "German Shabbat." Link to English is also available below. Eine israelische Freundin von mir liebt deutsche Zahnpasta und deutsche Schokolade. Als ich letztes Jahr nach Berlin fuhr, bat sie mich, ihr welche mitzubringen. Mein Rückflug sollte an einem Montagmorgen starten, und ich hatte vor, diese Besorgungen am Sonntag noch zu erledigen – fest davon ausgehend, dass Drogerien

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The many faces of Dresden

June 6, 2017

May 30, 2017, JNS Cross the August Bridge over the Elbe River towards the Altstadt (Old Oity) of Dresden on a tour bus, and you’ll likely hear “oohs” and “aahs” from tourists as they behold the restored Baroque skyline that made Dresden the “Florence of the Elbe.” These days, most people don’t associate the capital of the German state of Saxony with its historic beauty. The infamous Anglo-American firebombing of February 1945 turned the Old City into rubble, killing an estimated 40,000.

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Berlin Becomes A Musical Playground For Israeli Artists

May 17, 2017

Jerusalem Post, May 17, 2017 BERLIN – At a rehearsal room in a rundown building in the industrial Lichtenstein neighborhood of eastern Berlin, Israeli singer Moran Magal was preparing for her anticipated show at Berlin’s TheARTer Galerie. From her keyboard, she directed her band members (consisting of an Israeli violinist and bassist and Brazilian drummer) for a soulful rendition of “Always Something” in her melodic rock-metal style. Only 10 months in Berlin, singer/ pianist Magal is proud at having organized her own band, making its way across the city

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Warum ich Berlin liebe, obwohl ich es eigentlich hassen sollte [German]

May 1, 2017, April 29, 2017 Click here for the English version Eigentlich hätte ich Berlin wohl hassen sollen, als ich die Stadt 2014 von Tel Aviv aus das erste Mal besuchte. Ich kam zusammen mit meinem amerikanischen Vater hierher, der in der Nähe von Hannover das ehemalige Vertriebenenlager besuchen wollte, in dem seine polnischen Eltern, Überlebende des Konzentrationslagers Auschwitz, ihn zur Welt gebracht hatten. Vielleicht wäre ich auch gar nicht hinge

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Ivanka Trump at W20 Summit in Berlin

April 26, 2017

Jerusalem Post, April 25, 2017 First daughter Ivanka Trump entered the lion’s den in Berlin on Tuesday as a panelist at the W20 Summit on women’s economic empowerment, where she was heckled for defending the attitudes of her father, US President Donald Trump, toward women. Trump’s visit to Germany came at the invitation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and marked her first international trip since being named a White House adviser

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