Government agency helps Germans break the taboo on Nazi family ties

February 1, 2017

JNS, January 26, 2017 While the annual marking of International Holocaust Remembrance Day Jan. 27 gives voice to the stories of victims of the Nazis’ atrocities, what can Germans know about perpetrators from their own family?

That was precisely Maya Levy’s question when she contacted the German government agency Deutsche Dienststelle (WASt), known in English as the Wehrmacht Information Office for War Losses and POWs, to begin an investigative search into the Nazi past of her paternal grandfather.

All Levy knew from

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Was Grandpa Really A Nazi?

January 27, 2017

January 26, 2017, Jerusalem Post, In Jerusalem and Metro Sections Till Ewald, 24, a university student in Hannover, learned from his mother that her father had served in the Third Reich’s Justice Ministry (a paradox if there ever was one). Upon preparing for a volunteer stint in Israel at a retirement home for yekkes (German Jews) in Jerusalem to satisfy curiosity about the Holocaust and the Jewish people, he decided to uncover more about his grandfather’s mysterious past. Was he an enthusiastic Nazi supporter? What “crimes” did he handle at the Justice Ministry? Through

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Judische Allgemeine Features Orit

January 27, 2017

Jerome Lo, reporter for the weekly Jewish newspaper in Berlin, Judische Allgemeine, has profiled Orit in its January 20th issue. While written in first person, they are not Orit's words. This "Portrait of the Week" artistically interprets the subject through the reporter's words. Read it here.

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Orit featured in Italian newspaper, Il Foglio

January 10, 2017

Italian journalist based in Berlin, Daniel Mosseri, has profiled Orit and her activities in Berlin for the Italian literary magazine, Il Foglio. The article is available in print here or online. Excerpt: Berlino. Ha deciso di trasferirsi a Berlino dopo la terza visita nella capitale tedesca. La prima, ricorda Orit Arfa, l’aveva

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Trees and Roots

December 24, 2016

Jerusalem Post Magazine, Dec. 23, 2016 Read the original online here (for Jpost subscribers) Check out the print version with pix, here A few weeks ago, a long time before the latest brutal attack in Berlin, the Cohen family from Tel Aviv installed a Hanukka tree for the very first time. Having relocated to the German capital about four months ago for work, G

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A Silent Night in Berlin

December 21, 2016

Jerusalem Post front page story, December 21, 2016 BERLIN - At the entrance to the family-friendly Christmas market in the neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, the difference in vibe between tonight and previous nights could already be felt the minute one walked through the brick corridor leading into the large courtyard. A sign at the entrance offered condolences to the victims and stated that the market would go on, in consultation with police, but tonight without music, to honor those who died in the car ramming attack the night before, on December 19.

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