For surreal clubbing (dance bar review)

January 12, 2007

Jerusalem Post, Billboard; January 12, 2007

You know a Tel Aviv nightclub is ultracool when it opens not at midnight but just past 1 o'clock in the morning. At 00:50, I get to Dada - rated by Time Out as the second best Tel Aviv nightclub of 2006 - and a buff, short Russian security guard wearing a puffy black jacket tells me the place is closed (as in, not open for the night), implying with a condescending tone that I'm an undesired element. But a nicer guard, who lacked the Russian's pretentiousness, assured me that they wo

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Israeli DJs Popular the World Over

December 21, 2006

Though Israel's public image overseas may be a source of constant stress for policymakers, if one recent poll is to be believed, the country is among the world's most popular for devoted club-goers. Infected Mushroom, DJ Yahel and Offer Nissim aren't likely to be familiar names to most people out of their 20s, but thanks to DJ magazine's recent ranking of the world's top 100 DJs, these performers - and three of their compatriots - are now among the hottest names on the global dance music scene.

The results of the prestigious DJ annual poll have bee

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Midnight at the oasis (bar review)

December 15, 2006

Jerusalem Post, Billboard; December 15, 2006

One would think that Eilat, Israel's premier resort town, would by now have several bars and pubs that appeal to older, stylish, discerning people who don't count trance as their favorite musical genre. But Park Avenue, which opened two years ago, is among the first of its kind. Located away from the popular, folksy tourist center, Park Avenue is an alternative to the dingy, loud and seedy Eilat watering holes. Frequented by the better-dressed tourists, local yuppies and celebs vac

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The Secrets of a Successful Bar

November 24, 2006

Jerusalem Post, Metro; November 24, 2006 Read the original here In the past four years, bars in Tel Aviv have been popping up like mushrooms after rain, with an estimated four or five bars, dance bars, resto-bars and/or mega bars opening monthly. Some of them close at a loss after a few months; some of them close after two years after raking in a nice profit; while others become nightlife institutions. The bar business is a tough business, and if nightlife entrepreneur

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Herzliya nights (listing)

November 3, 2006

Jerusalem Post, Billboard; November 3, 2006

The city which arguably comes second after Tel Aviv as a center for Israeli nightlife is Herzliya. In the past decade, Herzliya has grown to boast not only some of the best restaurants in the country, but also some of the most happening resto-bars, bar lounges, pubs and dance bars. On weekends the Herzliya industrial zone and its yacht marina is mobbed by partyers of all ages looking to eat, dance, and drink in this bar-hoppers paradise. Below is a selection of recommended hot spots

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Party in the valley (listing)

October 30, 2006

Jerusalem Post, Billboard; October 20, 2006

During the past year Emek Hefer, the rural valley sandwiched between Netanya and Hadera, has planted the seeds for a steadily growing nightlife. It used to be that residents of villages, farms and kibbutzim in the area had to travel to Herzliya or Tel Aviv to experience the glamorous pubs and dance bars. Not anymore. The sprouting nightlife reflects a changing demographic profile in Emek Hefer, which is slowly becoming a nouveau college town. The villages have become attractive plac

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