The Settler

In August 2005, Sarah Dakar didn’t only lose the home she loved in Gush Katif, a Jewish settlement in Gaza, she lost her faith: her faith in God, in the State of Israel, and in mankind. How could God have mercilessly allowed her own army to drag her out of her home? And how could so many of her fellow citizens have cheered on the destruction of everything she held dear?

About to start college, she moves to Tel Aviv, Israel’s very own “city of sin.” Once intent on bringing holiness to Israel’s metropolis, this “good girl” seeks now to indulge in the city’s pleasures to escape her loss, to discover new ideas – and to feel something, again. Joy, excitement, and the deliverance she never thought possible come to her in the form of Tel Aviv’s hottest nightclub, Atlantis, and its charismatic, liberal owner, Ziv Harel.

Ziv Harel is more than glad to transform a “religious settler” into a nightlife queen, but how far will Sarah go to question who she is – and at what cost?