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November 2017
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The Settler is now a bestseller!

“The Settler” makes the Amazon bestseller list.

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Catching up with Tuvia Tenebom

Orit interviews author Tuvia Tenebom: Jew, undercover German journalist, Ramallah’s most wanted

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“The Settler” is Extraordinary, Says Jewish Current Issues

Rick Richman of Jewish Current Issues reviews The Settler, calling it “compelling” and extraordinary, writing, “The novel is beautifully written, worth reading for the story (and the larger story) still playing out eight years after the disengagement from Gaza that was supposed, in the words of Ehud Olmert, to be redemptive.”

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But Is He Kosher?

So what does a good Jewish girl do when her date goes in for the kiss after he downed meatloaf and she mac-and-cheese? In “Life, Love, Lox: Real-World Advice for the Modern Jewish Girl” (Running Press, $13.95) by Carin Davis, the issue at steak (pun intended — the book inspires them) is not breath or

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Continuing But Not Moving On

After the first few minutes of speaking with Shifra Shomron over the phone, the similarities between this young author and the heroine of her debut novel, Grains of Sand: The Fall of Neve Dekalim, become apparent. She’s busy studying for finals, and she asks to hold the interview when they are over. Shomron, 20, like

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Pride and Politics

Readers of Emuna Elon’s columns in Ma’ariv and Yediot Aharonot over the past 15 years might find her debut novel, If You Awaken Love, a striking, unlikely diversion from her political crusading. In her novel, political rhetoric is cooled and sympathies are spread over the political Left and Right alike. If You Awaken Love is

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