Day 8: Sex on the Beach

I totally lost it on Friday. I was sitting under a beach hut with some residents who were lamenting that this was their "last Shabbat" at the Gush. The young, robust man who had snuck me in was gulping whiskey, tears in his eyes, his face red. I stepped into the ocean with my blue bikini and white belly button ring. The strong waves began to attack me and I fought back. It gave me strength. Yonder, I saw the hotel that the army had taken over by force about two months ago. There was a long, wide stairway leading [...]

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Day 7: The Limits of Friendship

I cried for the first time today since I've been here. It wasn't because I imagined cute little Israeli kids being torn from their parents; it wasn't because women in wheelchairs will be begging officers to leave them alone; it wasn't because synagogues and Jewish graves will be plundered; it wasn't because I was warned seriously that police might hit me, even though that made me scared as hell. It was because my friends couldn't give a shit. I decided I would call them and ask them to do something to help me. I asked one of them, who actually [...]

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Day 6: Yellow Yankees

Gush Katif had a pleasant surprise today, like a bucket of sunshine. Men and women wearing bright yellow shirts with black letters "Americans Against the Expulsion of Jews" somehow managed to get in. The ingathering of exiles has begun. There were about 25 of them from different states: New York, New Jersey, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, of all streams and religions: reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Chabad, and Christian. Some were down-to-earth professionals, while others were down right cooky. But all of them decided that they could not sit at home and watch TV while this insanity, which their President encouraged, [...]

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