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Monday, February 19th, 2018
February 2018
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Cooking up a storm

Anyone conversant with in the Israeli culinary scene could easily have predicted the winner even before the contest began.

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Fat chance (restaurant review)

If you’re looking for more than a few drinks on plastic chairs, the Gordo restobar could be the spot for you on Tel Aviv’s promenade.

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Julian (resto-bar review)  

Julian was started by Iro Monitz, originally from Katzrin in the Golan Heights, and who juggles his ownership of Julian with his studies as a law student in Holon. He named the place after the last officer to man the Ottoman- British crossing, but Julian the resto-bar is clearly up to date with the twenty first century.

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Tasting Titora (restaurant review)

Chef-owner Bucky Dasa has used his experience as a restaurateur in Tel Aviv to combine high culinary standards with a homeyness and authenticity less prevalent in Israel’s metropolis. The menu is eclectic but with a Medierranean touch, and it’s clear that careful thought was put into each dish to produce aesthetic, creative and delicious results.

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Pancakes for dinner? (restaurant review)

Benedict is a welcome concept, where breakfast is a fashion as much as it is a meal.

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Go, go Gao (restaurant review)

Gao food can best be characterized as “gourmet fast food.” “Gourmet” because of the quality of the raw materials, the attention to detail by the Thai chefs and the consistent standards; “fast” because the meals are prepared quickly and Gao specializes in take-out. The menu offers a very large selection of classic Thai dishes, making Gao a lunch-hour favorite for businesses in the restaurant-packed area.

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