Something to hoot about

A franchise of the popular American restaurant chain Hooters is located in Netanya, and the husband-and-wife owners couldn't be more proud of their waitress daughter

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Molten Mozzarella (Restaurant Review)

Iceberg Vulcano clearly comes across as a family pizzeria - easygoing, child-friendly and a tad boisterous. Children were getting their faces messy licking ice cream cones at the table. Teenagers were munching on pizza alone. Adults streamed in every so often to pick up cartons of ice cream. But the casual family feel does not translate into a small or simplistic menu. Devised by Laurent, it offers options for all age groups. For example, kids can order milk shakes while adults can order the warm, almond-tinged sangria, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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Adventures of Adelina (restaurant review)

Owners of guest houses in the Western Galilee often dispatch their guests to Adelina for dinner, and with good reason. Adelina is arguably one of the best restaurants in the region.

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