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Monday, February 19th, 2018
February 2018
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A German-Israeli love story

“I still walk in the streets of Israel and Tel Aviv or whatever sometimes, and I think to myself, isn’t it amazing that everyone around me is Jewish? It’s fascinating to me in a way. More than being a good Jew, I’m actually a good Zionist. I really believe in the Jewish state, and it’s amazing how it worked out after all that happened.”

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The German-Israeli Romantic Exchange

During last year’s jubilee celebrations of the Jerusalem-Berlin diplomatic relationship, much fanfare was made about economic cooperation, cultural exchanges and academic collaborations, but one topic went little discussed: German- Israeli romantic relations.

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Revolutionizing the coffee shop and supermarket industries

“People want to buy a product at a fair price,” she says. “Cofix represents fairness. It’s the same with Super Cofix. We’re very fair with the customer. With all our products, we try to offer the best prices. We give them the possibility to choose two for NIS 5 and mix and match products. You don’t have that anywhere else.”

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Reaching Higher Awareness

Two conferences highlight the rise of Romance and New Age literature.

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Battle of the Apples

Have an iPhone in Israel? What are your best options for service and purchases?

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Keeping the moneyball in her court

Visiting Tel Aviv as part of a UNICEF delegation, Jamie McCourt opens up.

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