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Friday, October 20th, 2017
October 2017
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A German-Israeli love story

“I still walk in the streets of Israel and Tel Aviv or whatever sometimes, and I think to myself, isn’t it amazing that everyone around me is Jewish? It’s fascinating to me in a way. More than being a good Jew, I’m actually a good Zionist. I really believe in the Jewish state, and it’s amazing how it worked out after all that happened.”

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The German-Israeli Romantic Exchange

During last year’s jubilee celebrations of the Jerusalem-Berlin diplomatic relationship, much fanfare was made about economic cooperation, cultural exchanges and academic collaborations, but one topic went little discussed: German- Israeli romantic relations.

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Reaching Higher Awareness

Two conferences highlight the rise of Romance and New Age literature.

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A Match Made in Lithuania

Israeli actor Shahar Sorek find love in Lithuania

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What Husbands Want, A Religious Jewish Perspective

Defying men’s general resistance to relationship books, “The Garden of Peace: A Marital Guide for Men Only,” by Rabbi Shalom Arush, was a surprise Jewish hit last year, selling more than a half-million copies in English, Hebrew, French and Spanish worldwide. The religious marital guidebook for men details what women want from their husbands (complete

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But Is He Kosher?

So what does a good Jewish girl do when her date goes in for the kiss after he downed meatloaf and she mac-and-cheese? In “Life, Love, Lox: Real-World Advice for the Modern Jewish Girl” (Running Press, $13.95) by Carin Davis, the issue at steak (pun intended — the book inspires them) is not breath or

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