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March 2018
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Party in the valley (listing)

The following is a partial listing for adventurers who want to break out of Tel Aviv and see how Sabras party in the little cities.

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Mea Gulpa (restaurant review)

This shrine to Tel Aviv nightlife is intended to attract those who are pious about their nightlife priorities: looking good, smoking premium cigarettes, nursing quality drinks, and picking up classy members of the opposite sex.

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Where the guys go

Even the name of this new mega-bar in the Yad Harutzim bar compound of Tel Aviv evokes machismo and self-indulgence. That the Ego Bar was founded by Israeli hoopster Moshe Mizrahi together with the Israeli television channel for men, EGO, only strengthens the impression that the bar is a men’s club.

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A bar for valley girls (bar review)

The most happening bar-lounge in Emek Hefer, the rural valley just north of Netanya, takes its name from this famous cinematic phrase of The Princess Bride, which follows Princess Buttercup’s love for a blonde farm boy.

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Breakfast Club: the dance-bar (review)

This dance-bar is as ‘Tel Aviv’ as they come – it boasts a good-looking crowd of trendy locals who like to smoke and pretend they live in Europe; the regular ‘celeb’ clientele; esoteric electronic music blasting through the speakers; and snobby selection.

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A Traveler’s Guide to Tel Aviv Nightlife

If the Cinderella story had been set in Tel Aviv, her raggedy slipper would have turned into a magical glass pump at the witching hour, instead of the other way around.

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