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Interview with Lead Singer of Terry Poison

The Israeli electro-rock-pop band Terry Poison doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Zionism. They belong more in the European electronic music underground. They sing in English and French about boys and partying. Their wardrobe consists of glittery, metallic bodysuits that outlandish pop sensation Lady Gaga would envy. They don’t consider Diaspora Jews who

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Meet Mr. & Mrs. JDate

The founder of Jdate finds love. (Update as of 2010 they got divorced.)

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Songwriter Solomon Finds Depth, Soul in Jewish Roots

“It’s become more about the wrong things,” he said in an interview at his home in the Hollywood Hills. “That’s why people don’t buy records. They don’t feel attached. It’s not real. It’s more plastic. People like Elton John, Bob Dylan, Sting, Jim Morrison — they were real artists with points of view.”

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Songwriter Sheppard Solomon Working for a Song

Songwriter Sheppard Solomon won’t be watching the eighth season of American Idol, which is now in full swing – even though the singing contest has gotten him a lot of work. His latest single, “Feels Like Tonight,” performed by American Idol‘s fifth season finalist Chris Daughtry, reached the top of the charts last year, helping

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Debra Winger explores Jewish/Arab day schools

Students at the Hand in Hand Max Rayne Bilingual School in Jerusalem didn’t know they were meeting a celebrity. They weren’t born when the films “Officer and a Gentleman” and “Terms of Endearment” garnered Debra Winger her Oscar nominations. But Winger’s tour last month to the Hand in Hand Arab-Jewish day schools was not necessarily

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Anyone who has heard Dr. Yaron Brook lecture on foreign policy would likely call him a militant, unflinching champion of Israel. His loyalty, however, does not derive from his Jewish or Israeli background. He's a proud atheist, who admits to not knowing - or really caring - when the Pessah Seder falls. He relentlessly defends Israel and the West because he puts his faith in the rational, free, individual soul.

The Nexus: Yaron Brook

Originally appeared in The Jerusalem Post For followers of controversial novelist/philosopher Ayn Rand, Israel is the one glimmer of light in the Middle East’s cultural and intellectual darkness. Dr. Yaron Brook applies Ayn Rand’s philosophies to Israel’s predicaments. Anyone who has heard Dr. Yaron Brook lecture on foreign policy would likely call him a militant,

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